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Demo Applet

This is a demo applet that shows a dynamic chart along with all recent UI controls available. It prints summations of random values [positive or negative] on the y axis and a timestamp on the x axis. The y-axis has been forced to always show the range between -20 and +20.

A message about an invalid digital signature will pop up. The applet uses a filechooser to allow you saving a snapshot image to a location on your harddisk of your choice. So the applet had to be signed. Please understand that I cannot to afford to pay a CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY ("Trusted Third Party") organization to verify the signature.

The amount of points as well as the period in which a new point is added may be chosen. The sliders allow values that should cause a high cpu load or weird labeling. This is intended and allows to experiment with the effect of configuration and to find good settings. The sourcecode may be viewed through the git browse of sourceforge.

Ooops, you need a java plugin to show the applet. It's worth the short installation, you will be able to see many other important applets (e.g. http://www.map24.de is a killer app for your browser).
Download and install the Java Runtime Environment (includes the plugin): Download J2SE JRE . Choose the JRE which is smaller, the SDK is only needed for developers.

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