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Feel free to post your help requests here: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jchart2d/forums/forum/166411.
Please do not write emails to me personally. This wish ist not because I don't want to provide help. I just want to share knowledge and allow other users also to provide help.

Submit a bug

JChart2D was not tested with all operating systems, different virtual machine implementations and API use-cases. Even if I think that it runs quite stable, you may discover a bug.
If you do so, report it! Almost every new shipment of JChart2D and other projects by me were triggered by bug reports. Most often within a day or a delay to the next weekend. I made less than 10 shipments for three projects.

Please improve JChart2D by posting your detailed bug report here:
Submit a bug.

Please include every information required [e.g. you code] to reproduce the bug.

Why should I?

The license

"...if you incorporate code or algorithms from open source places, even inadvertantly, you are going to infect the intellectual property rights of what you are creating with the original code itself, depending on the license terms."

I found this statement in a newsgroup. The LGPL indeed imposes restrictions if you modify the source of this library (that modified library then has to be free and under LGPL). But why would someone do that? To fix a bug or add a feature. If the library itself is only used by an application the LGPL does not affect the license of the application (java is linked dynamically). To stay on the safe side you should prefer reporting bugs instead of fixing them. Or even better: fix the bug, report it and send the changes to the author.

My interpretation

I don't want to be responsible for infecting someone's work with an "open source virus". I don't want people to think of open source as a virus. I don't care if you do not follow the LGPL. Users have to negotiate this with their conscience.


Users that report a bug or request a feature will remain anonymous to the public unless they declare upon a potential request that they agree to let their name be shown on some testimonial page in future. In ref-logs I've seen visits from major companies that returned several times to this page and stayed longer than 2 minutes. Don't be afraid, your contribution will be handled with discretion.

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